How to Take Off the Lower Part of a Force Boat Motor?

Answer Removing the lower part of the Force outboard motor is necessary to replace the water pump or impeller. The lower part, also known as the gear case, is attached to the upper exhaust housing with bo... Read More »

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How to Put Oil in a Lower End Boat Motor?

Outboard motor lower units contain the gearbox, cooling water intake, exhaust pipe and thrust support for the propeller. The gearbox is bathed in lower unit oil. Exhaust temperatures, gearbox shear... Read More »

How to Lower a Boat's Motor When Launching?

When launching a boat, it is important that the outboard motor is tilted up so that it does not scrape on the boat ramp or the bottom while the boat is being launched. Not having the motor in the u... Read More »

How Do You Change the Lower Unit Oil in Your 90HP Force Inboard/Outboard Motor?

The lower unit on an inboard/outboard marine engine contains the final gearing assembly and the propeller mounting assembly. These moving parts are lubricated and cooled by gear oil, which should b... Read More »

How to Align a Lower Unit on a Boat?

An outboard motor's lower unit consists of the water pump, water tube, pinion and transmission gears, hub, shift linkage, propeller and propeller shaft. The lower unit sits partially submerged in t... Read More »