How to Take Off the Headliner in an HHR?

Answer A Chevrolet HHR, or Heritage High Roof, is a crossover SUV that resembles a combination of a suburban and a station wagon. The HHR was introduced in 2005 with a 2006 model. It has retro styling and... Read More »

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How to Take the Headliner Out of a Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee headliners are easy to remove and replace. Older Cherokees often suffer from sagging headliners when the fabric separates from the cardboard backing. The solution is to remove the ent... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Headliner?

Car headliners are made of a thin material attached to a foam liner on the ceiling. If the thin material is torn or if the adhesive loosens, the material will fall down. Headliner dangling from the... Read More »

How to Install a New Headliner in S-10?

The headliner of your Chevrolet S10 is the material lining the inside of the roof. If it is damaged, dirty or sagging or you simply want to install a better-looking headliner, you can easily do so ... Read More »

How to Install a Headliner?

Rare is the occasion today when a replacement part or component can't be found for an American-made car. This is especially true for classic and older cars. Headliners are one of the most common re... Read More »