How to Take Off a Taurus Headlight Lens?

Answer The new Ford Taurus models are the only ones with the headlight lens installed on the headlight. The older models have sealed, one piece headlights that fit into the frame. The headlight housing ne... Read More »

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How to Clean My Headlight Lens on My Ford Taurus?

Ford Taurus headlight lenses are made of clear plastic, which is susceptible to discoloration and oxidation over time. Dirt, road salt and insect matter can make the problem even worse. Regular cle... Read More »

How do I Remove & Install a 1991 Taurus Headlight Lens?

Damage to the plastic headlight lens on your Taurus most often happens from weather deterioration. Over time the headlight lens begins to glaze over and a film or chalky white coating appears to bu... Read More »

How to Take Off a Taurus Headlight?

The Taurus debuted in 1986 and has gone through five generations over the course of 23 years. During this time, the Taurus has been modeled as a mid-sized car, a station wagon and even a sport-tune... Read More »

How to Replace the Headlight Shield on a Taurus?

The headlight shield, more commonly known as a lens, on the Ford Taurus is held onto the headlight assembly by white retaining clips and the tabs of the lens itself. Removing these clips allows you... Read More »