How to Take Off Rotors?

Answer Cut from solid steel, a vehicle's brake rotors are designed to withstand a great deal of force. Over time, these forces, combined with the friction generated by the brake pads, act to wear and even... Read More »

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How to Take Rotors Off a Car?

Removing the rotors off of a car due to wear and damage is a weekend project that can be performed in the driveway or under the shade of a tree. The rotors are an integral part of a cars braking sy... Read More »

How to Take Off 4X4 Rear Rotors?

The rear brake rotors on a 4X4 vehicle are a part of the emergency braking system, and provide a small percentage of the braking power for the rest of the vehicle. When the rotors wear down, remove... Read More »

How to Take the Rotors Off of a 2000 Honda?

Your Honda motorcycle's brake rotors are built to withstand the extreme stresses placed upon them by high-performance riding. Unfortunately, these forces will eventually overwhelm the thin steel di... Read More »

How to Take Off Motorcycle Brake Rotors?

A motorcycle's brake rotors are exposed to tremendous forces that can deteriorate the rotors' structural integrity over time. These forces are combined with the heat generated by the motorcycle bra... Read More »