How to Take McPherson Struts Off?

Answer The McPherson strut was developed in the 1940s by Earl McPherson, an employee of the Ford Motor Company. First used on European Fords in the 1950s, the McPherson strut is widely used by many manufa... Read More »

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How to Take McPherson Struts off of a Mercury Mystique?

The struts on your Mercury Mystique do the same work as a shock absorber, and when they go out, you'll notice excessive tire wear, a poor quality ride, and potential braking issues as well. Replaci... Read More »

Why did Patricia McPherson not appear in Season 2 of the old TV show Knight Rider?

She had been fired after Season 1 and replaced with Rebecca Holden as April Curtis in Season 2- but both David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare pushed the producers to bring her back as they thought t... Read More »

How to Put on New Struts?

Installing new struts may be necessary if your car is bouncing excessively. Struts should control the rebound of the springs after driving over an irregular road surface and require replacement if ... Read More »

What time is proper to take my medications I take several. I do not know if I should take them in AM or PM?

I always heard it was best to take medications in the AM unless it something to help you sleep or makes you tired. I forget to take mine though and end up taking them in the PM. This is the informa... Read More »