How to Take Long Exposure Photographs During the Day?

Answer Boat is stationary, water is notShooting long exposure can help you take pictures of subjects that you normally can't get. Times when it's a little dim or if you want to have stationary items and i... Read More »

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A long exposure often necessary in conditions of low light?

Camera with infinite long exposure?

Long DSLR exposures on the "B" (Bulb) settings develop more and more noise as the length in time increases.If you can shoot a decent night sky exposure with your camera, where the stars are clear s... Read More »

How long after exposure to herpes to get tested?

3 weeks with no symptoms. Your most likely fine If hes taking suppression medication his risk of passing it to you while he has no symptoms is cut in half but its still a risk. Get a blood test Im ... Read More »

Long Exposure using Film Camera?

You will definitely need a tripod and locking cable release. You'll also want to be as far away from any light pollution as possible. This site should help you get the pictures you want: http://www... Read More »