How to Take Extra College Courses Not Intended for One's Major?

Answer College courses outside of your major commonly are known as electives. Most colleges encourage students to take electives, as a wider educational experience creates a more well-rounded person--and ... Read More »

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What does intended major mean?

An intended major is the subject of study you plan to make as the basis for all your college education. Every class you take will go toward satisfying requirements to obtain a degree in a subject ... Read More »

How Can I Take College Courses With No Diploma or GED?

Taking college courses to earn an associate degree or higher helps many people find jobs as well as earn more. In fact, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls reports that people with a bachelor's... Read More »

What are the pre-med courses you should take in college?

Not all colleges offer a pre-medical curriculum. Generally, students from any undergraduate field can apply to medical school so long as they pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It's a ... Read More »

What Courses Should I Take in College for Sales?

Becoming a salesman may or may not require a college education, depending on what field of sales or business you wish to enter. However, a college education could be helpful and give you a decided ... Read More »