How to Take Care of a Quaker Parrot?

Answer A happy Quaker plays with his toys.Quaker, or Monk, Parrots are known for a loving, mischievous personality. However, they do need some special care.

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Can I put my Quaker parrot in the same cage with my African grey parrot?

Most parrot cages are too small to house more than one parrot the size of an African grey, even if the cage mate is a small Quaker parrot. Both of these species can be aggressive, especially in cra... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bugs on My Quaker Parrot?

A Quaker parrot that lives outside or comes into contact with other birds might be prone to bugs or lice. Poultry living in barns or sparrows and pigeons can transfer different types of lice to Qua... Read More »

How to Tame a Quaker Parrot?

Quaker Parrots, more commonly called Monk Parakeets, are usually green and about one foot long. They are native to Argentina but self sustaining, feral colonies of these birds now exist throughout ... Read More »

How to File a Beak on a Quaker Parrot?

The proper shape and length for a bird's beak differs depending on the species of bird. Even the beaks of related species, like parrots, grow in different ways. In most cases, a parrot will maintai... Read More »