How to Take Care of a Lip Ring?

Answer A lip ring takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal, but not taking care of the piercing properly prolongs the healing period. Taking care of a lip ring after the healing period is less difficult, but you still... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Lip Ring With No Problems at All?

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How to Heal a Nose Ring and Take Care of Infections?

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How to Care for a Belly Button Ring / Body Piercing?

If you get your belly button or other body part pierced, proper after care is essential. If you don’t take care of the piercing it can get infected. Luckily, caring for your piercing is simple; y... Read More »

How to Take Out a Lip Ring?

After getting your lip pierced, you may want to change the jewelry or remove the ring altogether for different occasions. Changing or removing the jewelry is a careful process that should be done s... Read More »