How to Take Care of a 5-Week-Old Yorkie?

Answer Puppies should remain with their mother and littermates until they are 7 weeks old. In some states, the law requires that they be 8 weeks old. This standard is not always possible because of the he... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Miniature Yorkie?

A Yorkie puppy has a smooth black and tan coat that turns into a gray and tan coat over the years. This social breed is the second-most desirable American dog, but the most desirable small breed do... Read More »

How to Care for the Skin of a Yorkie?

The skin of a healthy Yorkshire terrier is soft, supple and free from lesions, hot spots and sores. Because of healthy skin, a Yorkie also has a healthy, silky coat free from tangles, mats and debr... Read More »

Yorkie Care & Training?

Yorkshire terriers, or "Yorkies," are toy-sized dogs that have become popular house pets because of their big personalities and convenient size. Though small, these dogs have long coats that requir... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Puppy Yorkie's Hair?

The long hair of a Yorkshire terrier puppy presents several difficult problems including matting and tangling. Proper grooming involves bathing, brushing and cutting. All steps of the grooming proc... Read More »