How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair by Taking Care of Your Mental Health?

Answer Are you worried about your skin and hair? You take care of them so much, but you still have age marks, dark circles and hair fall. Have you ever thought that it can happen because of your mental he... Read More »

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How do government sponsored programs for special age groups populations children mental health impact health care costs?

Some bleeding after the cord falls off is normal. If it infected it may cause more bleeding. Continuous bleeding is a cause for concern and requires evaluation by a pediatrician and investigation.

How to Care About Your Mental Health?

Our emotional health is as important as our physical health. Many people typically can make time for the gym, diet, meeting with friends but but how often they consider the effects of their emotion... Read More »

How to Get Mental Health Care in US?

The health care system in the US is in a state of crisis that leads many analysts to call it "broken". This is even more true of the mental health system, which is often (under) funded as a separat... Read More »

Does medicare cover mental health care?

Medicare covers mental health care given in inpatient settings, including regular hospitals and specialized psychiatric units and psychiatric hospitals. It also covers mental health care services r... Read More »