How to Take Care of Wolf Hybrid Puppies?

Answer Wolf hybrid puppies require considerable care. It's a huge responsibility raising and caring for any wild or partly-wild animal, particularly if it will grow up to have the potential strength of a ... Read More »

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How to Bond and Train a Wolf Hybrid?

If you have gotten a wolf hybrid and not sure how to start training or bonding with them this method has worked for me for years.

What do you call a wolf coyote hybrid?

The term coined for the hybrid offspring of wolves and coyotes is "coywolf." Coywolves tend to be larger than their coyote counterparts and, in turn, seek out bigger prey, according to researcher R... Read More »

How to Take Care of Puppies?

You've finally received what you've been wanting for a long time - a brand new, beautiful and adorable puppy!! But the question is, "How can I take care of my puppy?" If this question is somewhere ... Read More »

How to Care for a New Litter of Puppies?

A new litter of puppies has been welcomed to your home and your whole family is ecstatic about it. While mother nature has gifted mother dog with a good amount of instincts when it comes to caring ... Read More »