How to Take Care of Pet Rock Babies (Pebbles)?

Answer This wikiHow article will help you on taking care of pebbles.

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Why do 5 month old babies rock back and forth?

Sometimes they are scared and rock back and forth or maybe they find it fun kind of like riding on a rocking horse.

Why do some babies rock back and forth while they sit on the floor playing?

Answer When babies do that, they are usually trying to crawl. Some babies start as early as 3-4 months. They just havent realized they need to move their knees.

How do you care for babies?

It is very hard to care for babies. You must give them food, warmth, attention and company. You can't take your eye of them or else there will be trouble. You also have to pay a lot of money for a ... Read More »

Care for Rat Babies?

Rat babies require great care and attention. Before undertaking this responsibility, complete research to ensure you can handle the task. If you can get the rat past the crucial baby period when th... Read More »