How to Take Care of Hanging Plants?

Answer Hanging plants and baskets can be an attractive way to compliment your home or garden. Since hanging plants are suspended in the air, they are more susceptible to drying out at a faster pace than p... Read More »

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How to Care for Hanging Ivy Plants?

Ivy is especially well suited to hanging baskets. The long vines drape down, eventually reaching the floor and providing a cascade of foliage. Ivy comes in a variety of colors and leaf sizes, from ... Read More »

How do I care for hanging ivy plants?

Planting IvyPlant ivy in a container filled with general-purpose commercial potting soil. Use a sturdy container with holes in the bottom, as ivy requires excellent drainage.Watering IvyWater ivy u... Read More »

How do I care for hanging plants?

Choose a container that is lightweight and provides excellent drainage. Provide your plant with a soilless growing medium mixed with perlite to help keep it lightweight. Water your hanging containe... Read More »

Hardy Hanging Plants?

When selecting plants and flowers for a hanging basket, choose hardy varieties that are easy to maintain and can withstand outdoor temperatures without wilting or burning. Hardy flowers come in a v... Read More »