How to Take Care of Hair After Swimming?

Answer Swimming, especially in chlorinated pools, can be damaging to your hair. According to Columbia University Health Services, chlorine can reduce the amount of natural lubricants in your hair, causing... Read More »

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How to Care for Your Hair After You've Been Swimming in an Algae Infested Lake?

For all the times you have swam in an algae infested lake, and came out with a hideous green tint to your hair here is a solution.

How to Take Care of Black Hair After Exercising?

Preparing before going to the gym is the first step to taking care of black hair after exercise. With natural styles like braids, twists, dreads or sisterlocks, no special preparation before or aft... Read More »

Skin Care Remedies After Swimming?

Sometimes nothing feels better than a cool dip in a pool or the ocean on a hot day. Until you get out, that is. While swimming is therapeutic for the mind and good for the heart, it is not always t... Read More »

How do you take care of a seawater swimming pool?

Answer Saltwater pools are not seawater pools. Saltwater pools contain less than 1/3 as salty as seawater. What they use is a chlorine generator to convert salt to chlorine. This eliminates the req... Read More »