How to Take Care of Cows?

Answer So you bought your first cow or herd of cows and have already set up your fences, shelter and watering areas. Congratulations! Now comes the challenge with taking care of them. Taking care of cows ... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Jersey Cows?

Jersey cows can be raised fairly easily and are well worth their low cost of $1400 to $1800. They're small -- between 42 to 46 inches in height -- which is about one third to one half the height of... Read More »

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How are magnets used in cows?

Farmers use magnets to protect their cattle from a disease called traumatic reticuloperitonitis. This is more commonly known as "hardware disease." It occurs when a piece of sharp metal or wire is ... Read More »

How do they kill cows?

Cattle can live up to 25 years, but most cattle are slaughtered before three years of age. They are killed for two primary reasons: younger cattle for meat and older cattle that are sick or non-pro... Read More »