How to Take Care of Bichons?

Answer Bichon frises are fluffy, white dogs that are known as the clowns of the dog world. They are sturdy little dogs with a naturally happy disposition and curly, predominately white hair, although the ... Read More »

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How much do puppy Bichons eat?

Bichon puppies that are weaned eat a 1/4 cup serving of puppy food four times daily, 1/4 cup servings three times daily from 10 to six months of age, and, after six months your puppy may have a 1/2... Read More »

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Can i take my child out of foster care after I'm out of foster care when im 18?

i don't see y not i mean that's ur kid right then hell ya u can have him but u will probly have to adopt him or go threw the cort u know but u will have to have a job and a house with every thing i... Read More »

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