How to Take Apart an Acer Computer?

Answer Taking apart an Acer laptop is fairly straightforward and probably one of the easier models to take apart. You have two types of screws, black and silver in two sizes, so it is easy to keep track o... Read More »

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How to Take Apart an Acer Aspire 3680?

Taking apart an Acer Aspire 3680 is not an exercise which requires the trained touch of a professional computer repairman. You can handle the removal of the battery, keyboard, monitor bezel and scr... Read More »

How to Take an Acer 2410 Laptop Apart?

There are many reasons to take apart an Acer laptop. You may want to replace you hard drive. You might want to troubleshoot or clean your system cooling fan. Whatever the case, you will need to kno... Read More »

How Do I Take a Dell Computer Tower Apart?

One of the advantages of desktop computers is the ease with which they can be disassembled to replace and repair components. Dell desktops are no exception. If you know your way around a Phillips s... Read More »

Does a computer programmer have to take computers apart?

No. Just as a car mechanic does not manufacture cars - just fix them. A computer programmer just makes programs to run on computers and fixes general problems. A computer technician repairs and upg... Read More »