How to Take Antibiotics for Dental Procedures After Joint Replacements?

Answer Joint replacement surgery can be a life-changing experience for those suffering from the pain of worn and arthritic joints. However, the surgery comes with the risk of developing an infection in yo... Read More »

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Why does dental insurance not cover antibiotics?

I have medical and dental insurance, but I do not have rx insurance. If you don't have rx insurance you have to pay for all your medicines. I haven't seen where dental insurance pays for medicines.... Read More »

Dental Assistant Procedures?

A dental assistant is a person whose main job function is to assist the dentist. They do this by preparing the dental room, preparing the patient and assisting during procedures. A dental assista... Read More »

Dental Plaque Removal Procedures?

In mathematics, "mean" is a synonym for "average." The mean is the average value of a group of numbers. Means are used frequently in math, most often in statistics. Knowing the average value of a g... Read More »

Can an 18-year-old whose parents share joint custody move in with his dad without using court procedures in Ohio?

Answer In the state of Ohio an 18-year-old is considered an adult and may live wherever he or she chooses.The exception would be if there is a court order in affect that stipulates otherwise.