How to Take 10 Percent of a Number?

Answer Percentages work by divvying up an amount into a hundred parts. These divided parts are then represented by a percentage point, which can be amassed into greater percentage values for larger shares... Read More »

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How to Find What Percent One Number Is of Another Number?

When given two numbers as part of a ratio, converting the ratio to a percentage helps you to get a number that you can use to compare more easily. For example, if you have multiple ratios with diff... Read More »

What number is 15 percent of 108?

15 percent of 108 is 16.2. To arrive at this answer, first convert 15 percent to its decimal equivalent, 0.15. Then, use a calculator to multiply 0.15 and 108.References:Helping With Math: How to... Read More »

How to Find the Percent of a Whole Number?

Have you ever found yourself in a store and discovered a great discount on your favorite item? If the sign reads "30 percent off marked price," how do you know what your final cost will be? Many ev... Read More »

How to Multiply a Number by a Percent?

A percentage by itself represents just a fraction of a whole. When a percentage amount is multiplied to another number, the operation produces a value that equals the given percent of the original ... Read More »