How to Tackle in Football?

Answer In football, consistent, effective tackling is one of the most important facets of a strong defense. Good tackling requires proper technique. With proper technique, even a small player can tackle a... Read More »

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How to Hit Harder in Tackle Football?

Feel like you're not hitting hard enough in your football games? Feel like your letting your team down? If you want to hit harder, then this article will help you become a better hitter.

How to Play Left Tackle in Football?

The left tackle is the offensive lineman whose position is on the end of the left side of the line. He is also called the weak-side tackle because there are less blocking players on the left side (... Read More »

What age should kids start playing tackle football?

Deciding what age to allow a child to play any sport is up to the parents' and sports teams' discretion. Different leagues allow children to play at different ages. In general, however, Kids Health... Read More »

How to Make an Open Field Tackle in Football?

Tackling the ball carrier can be difficult and maybe even scary when you're just starting out.When a ball carrier is bigger than you than you get lower than him and take out his legs or hit him in ... Read More »