How to Synchronize Cell Cycles?

Answer In cellular biology it is often necessary to coordinate or "synchronize" cells in a culture so the majority of the cells are at the same stage of development or mitosis at the same time. This synch... Read More »

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Two Types of Cell Division Cycles?

Cellular reproduction follows one of two cell division cycles: mitosis or meiosis. A cell reproducing through mitosis splits in two, following a series of steps that lead to the creation of two ide... Read More »

More Sleep, or REM cycles?

Its best to go through about 3 cycles of REM sleep and waking up after the third one. Some people have different sleep cycles and may tend to need more sleep but most people naturally sleep through... Read More »

When did you decide that you had done enough IVF cycles?

It's a tough decision. I keep saying "One more try" and then change my mind when one more try fails. But, this time I think I mean it. My first IVF cycle failed, my second cycle resulted in a tubal... Read More »

Fly Life Cycles?

"Fly" is the common name for all insects in the order diptera. This basically includes all insects with two wings. You are probably familiar with mosquitoes, black flies, midges, fruit flies and bl... Read More »