How to Sync the Time & Date on a Computer with a World Clock?

Answer Windows displays the time and date in the bottom right corner of your computer's task bar, and you can configure the Windows clock to sync with an online world clock automatically. When you sync yo... Read More »

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Does the PowerBook G4 have an internal battery to keep clock time& date?

The Apple PowerBook G4 has an internal battery that saves date and time settings if the primary battery is removed from the computer. The battery supplies the Parameter RAM--or PRAM--with a charge.... Read More »

My computer clock goes up to Dec 31, 2099. What happens if I set it to that date, and wait?

I'm not sure, I guess that it will either go to 2100, stay at 2099 or revert to an older year (say 1900). Not sure really, you can try it though, but it might muck up the system. If that happens, t... Read More »

Where is the world's official time clock kept?

The Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, has marked universal time or Greenwich Mean Time since 1884 and is the location from which time zones are measured. GMT b... Read More »

How do I sync a desktop clock to a server clock?

Windows vistaRestart your computer and log on as an administrator in Windows Vista. Click the "Start" button located in the lower-left of your Window's desktop. Select "Control Panel" and then sele... Read More »