How to Swoop Bangs?

Answer Swoop bangs area popular option for most face shapes. Swooped bangs are usually angled and can be medium to long in length, and swept to the side of the face. The benefit of swoop bangs is that the... Read More »

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How to Get Your Bangs to Swoop?

Sweeping bangs, sometimes referred to as swooping bangs, are the rage in the second decade of the 2000s. Bangs in this era are typically cut longer than the short, choppy bangs of the 1950s and 196... Read More »

How to Put on Clip-on Side Swoop Bangs?

If you admire the look of side-swept bangs, but are afraid of making the commitment to cut, try wearing clip-on bangs for a new look. Clip-on bangs attach anywhere from the crown of the head to the... Read More »

How to Make Curly Hair to Go With Straight Swoop Bangs?

Do you have swoop bangs that have to be straightened? Do you want that curly hair to go with your bangs but you don't know where to start?

What does one failed swoop mean?

It probably originates from the phrase "one fell swoop," commonly meant to imply something bad happening to many people or things all at one time. The phrase is thought to have been coined by Willi... Read More »