How to Switch From Oil to Synthetic?

Answer Regular motor oil (or mineral oil) comes straight from Mother Nature and is good for standard use in any car engine. Synthetic motor oil---while still derived from regular motor oil---is reduced to... Read More »

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How do I switch to synthetic oil?

Switching to Synthetic OilSwitch from standard mineral oil (refined oil from the earth) to synthetic oil (oil made in a laboratory) if you have a newer model car, dating from the 1990s and beyond. ... Read More »

How to Switch Motorcycle Oil to Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oils provide superior lubricating properties and longer service intervals than conventional hydrocarbon-based oils. Lab chemists can tailor pure synthetic oils for specific uses, as the o... Read More »

How to Switch From Petroleum Oil to Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic motor oils provide a heightened lubrication action due to the synthesized molecular structure of the lubricant, as well as a more thorough cleansing action that removes carbon deposits an... Read More »

How to Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil?

There are many reasons you should consider making the switch to synthetic motor oil. Synthetic motor oil tolerates heat and age better than traditional petroleum-based motor oil. Synthetic motor oi... Read More »