How to Switch Dial Up to High Speed?

Answer Dial-up Internet service uses your telephone's dial tone to connect to the Internet. High-speed Internet can use satellite, copper wiring, cellular network or your cable connection to access an Int... Read More »

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Is AT&T high speed internet the same as dial up?

No. There is a world of difference. High speed is the same as broadband and many times faster than dial up. AT&T offers different levels of speeds at different prices, the faster the costlier, b... Read More »

Is DSL faster than high speed dial up Internet?

DSL is faster than high-speed dial-up internet because it connects directly to the Internet, rather than using the phone lines. It's considered more convenient because you don't get a busy signal a... Read More »

Can DSL modems be used for a high-speed dial-up service?

On One Hand: DSL is DifferentDSL, or "digital subscriber line," uses a different method to connect to the Internet over a telephone line than dial-up Internet. A DSL Internet connection is delivere... Read More »

Most people are on some kind of high speed you still have to use dial-up where you are?

I don't have to use Dial-up but that is what I have. We have a few different choices but Dial-up is the one that is in our price range at this moment. It will do. It does the job, just a little slo... Read More »