How to Sweat Copper to Fix a Leak?

Answer If you discover a small leak in your copper piping and need to replace a short length of the pipe, you may be able to solder a coupling to the existing, undamaged copper piping. A coupling, availab... Read More »

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How to Sweat a Wet Copper Pipe?

Sweating copper pipes is the process of joining two pieces of copper. The copper pieces are joined together using a torch and solder. Sweating copper pipes is essential for leak-free plumbing. A we... Read More »

How to Sweat Copper Pipe?

Sweating or soldering copper pipe is a basic plumbing process used in home repair or improvement projects. Sweating a pipe and connector involves heating the cut end of a copper pipe and the connec... Read More »

How to Fix a Brass Sweat Leak?

Leaking pipes can damage your home if not repaired quickly. Excessive moisture leads to mold buildup and causes warping or cracking in wood, drywall and even concrete. Any pipe can leak, including ... Read More »

How to Fix a Leak With Copper Epoxy?

If your copper pipe is leaking there are two basic solutions: Either replace the leaking pipe with a soldered connection or use an epoxy adhesive for a more temporary, less work-intensive fix. Epox... Read More »