How to Swap a 32V Intech Alternator in a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

Answer The Intech alternator on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator provides the full-size SUV with electrical power when the engine is on. The serpentine belt transfers torque from the Navigator's crankshaft and us... Read More »

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98 Lincoln Navigator Alternator Problems?

What seems to be an alternator problem on your 1998 Lincoln Navigator may be the result of a defect in some other part of the charging system. Use your eyes, hands and a multimeter to try to remedy... Read More »

How to Replace the Alternator in a Lincoln Navigator?

The Lincoln Navigator uses an alternator to run electrical devices in your vehicle while the engine is running. A voltage regulator ensures the voltage level remains constant and is usually part of... Read More »

How to Replace the Upper & Lower Ball Joints on the 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

Until 1998, Ford’s luxury division, Lincoln, never offered its customers an SUV. In 1998, however, Lincoln borrowed the same platform used by the new-at-the-time Expedition and added high-end fea... Read More »

How to Replace the Fan in a Lincoln Navigator?

Your Lincoln Navigator has a mechanical or belt-driven engine cooling fan. These steps apply to the 4.2L, 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L Lincoln Navigator engines and should take a novice about an hour to com... Read More »