How to Swap Out a Treo SIM Card?

Answer Palm Treos are available on most cell phone service provider networks. Depending on which provider the phone has been manufactured for, the cell phone may or may not have a SIM card installed on it... Read More »

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Will a Nokia 6030 SIM card fit into a Treo 650?

The Nokia 6030 and the Palm Treo 650 both use the same type of SIM card in each phone. This means that numbers and data stored on a Nokia 6030 could be easily transferred over to a Treo 650 using t... Read More »

How do I Transfer Photos From a Palm Treo 700P to a Memory Card?

The Palm Treo 700P is similar to other smart phones in that it offers Internet access, email capabilities, Windows mobile software and a full QUERTY keyboard. While users cannot transfer media dire... Read More »

How do i transfer photos from a palm treo 700p to a memory card?

Remove the dummy memory card from the top of the Palm Treo 700p by pushing it in, then releasing it. The card will pop out so you can remove it. Insert a memory card into the top of the Palm Treo... Read More »

Can you swap the iPhones sim card?

yes you can if ur iphone is unlocked you may have a choice of any sort of simcard but if its locked you can only have that type of simcard