How to Survive on a Marginal Income?

Answer A marginal income does not doom you to an impoverished lifestyle. With proper budgeting and restraint, you can live happily within your means. After determining your available income and what needs... Read More »

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Highest Marginal Income Tax Rates?

The marginal income tax rate is the income tax rate that an individual pays on the next dollar earned. So, if someone is in the 10% tax bracket, his marginal tax rate is 10%. If someone is on the b... Read More »

How to Prepare an Income Statement Under Absorption & Marginal Costing?

Absorption and marginal costing are alternative inventory costing methodologies. They are two varying approaches to determine the cost of products for accounting purposes. The main difference lies ... Read More »

Under what administration was the top marginal rate of the federal personal income tax lowered?

Many presidential administrations have lowered the top marginal tax rate on personal income. However, the most drastic and permanent decreases came during the Reagan Administration. The top margina... Read More »

How to Survive on a Small Income?

There are many grants available to those who are renting or own a home. All of the utility companies have information about federal grants available to pay your utility bills. Coupons are great way... Read More »