How to Survive Your First Black Friday?

Answer So You've decided to go to Black Friday for your first time. Great! But since you're a newbie at this, you'll need this article to help you survive.

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How to Survive Black Friday?

To snatch the best deals, wake up extra early and be among the first in line.Named for the day stores and retailers start "getting in the black" (turning a profit),[1] Black Friday is the day follo... Read More »

How to Survive Black Friday with Basic Self Defense?

Black Friday––that one day where it seems almost everybody is out seeking the best deals on all sorts of gifts for the holidays. It can be a maddening, chaotic day to get things done, but with ... Read More »

Has anyone went one day before black friday in a store and hid an item to be bought on black friday sale?

I have not.. But that is an excellent idea:o

How to Survive a Boring Friday at School?

Sometimes a Friday at school is very boring. You're waiting for the weekend but the day drags along so slowly! Here are some tips to make the day go faster.