How to Survive Teaching Middle School?

Answer Middle school children, who are approximately ages ten to twelve, are undergoing major changes in their bodies. They are beginning puberty and are caught in between the simplicity of childhood and ... Read More »

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How to Survive a Middle School Dance (Private School)?

we all have gone to middle school dances, but only the few, the brave, have had to go to a catholic/private middle school dances. don't worry though! just stay with your friends and have a blast! t... Read More »

How to Survive Middle School?

Middle School is a big step in any kid's life. They leave the little world of elementary school into the big world of middle school. Some parts will be scary, and some will be fun. After all, it op... Read More »

How to Survive Middle School Breakups?

Do you have a relationship that ended or one that is going on still? Or do you regret your relationship breakup?

How to Survive Middle School (for Girls)?

Let's face it,girls(aka your so-called friends) can be awful, Boys can be mean, plus more schoolwork than you will ever know. Face the heck of middle school with BRAVERY and kick those crappy girls... Read More »