How to Survive Subzero Temperatures?

Answer Steps must be taken quickly to prevent frostbite -- and save your fingers and toes from amputation - if you are stranded in sub-zero temperatures. Hypothermia -- which occurs very quickly when you ... Read More »

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How to Start a Car Engine in Subzero Temperatures?

Car engines are difficult to start in winter months, particularly if you live in an area with subzero temperatures. When the weather is extremely cold, the components of your engine, including meta... Read More »

How to Prepare Your Home for a Power Outage in Subzero Temperatures?

Power outages are never convenient. During subzero winter weather, a power outage can be damaging and even dangerous for a home's occupants. Without electric power, most homes will lose their prima... Read More »

Can broccoli&cauliflower survive freezing temperatures in a garden?

Both cauliflower and broccoli may survive a light frost, but not much more, especially if the plants are young. Broccoli is more tolerant of cold temperatures than cauliflower, but it still does no... Read More »

What is subzero?

Subzero is a term that means under or below zero. It is commonly used as an adjective that refers to cold temperature.HistoryScientists have been theorizing and experimenting with temperature since... Read More »