How to Survive Lunch at School?

Answer You finally get out of 4th period and it's lunchtime! You're so hungry and happy. Lunch isn't that fun when you're stuck next to a bunch of spoiled brats, then again, you don't want your friends je... Read More »

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How to Survive Forgetting Your Lunch?

There's a lot to remember in the morning when you're trying to make it to the bus stop on time. You think you remembered all of your homework, your gym clothes, and permission slips. However, you s... Read More »

How to Survive a Middle School Dance (Private School)?

we all have gone to middle school dances, but only the few, the brave, have had to go to a catholic/private middle school dances. don't worry though! just stay with your friends and have a blast! t... Read More »

How to Survive Until School Starts (for People Missing School)?

Bored? Can't wait until school starts?Many people can't wait until school gets out,but others can't wait until school is back in session. For them summer is a long boring time. Here is how to survi... Read More »

How to Sit Alone at Lunch in School?

Are you new in school and have no one to sit next to. It sucks, right? Well, there are ways to sit at lunch alone and not look like a loser. But don't do it the whole year. Only do it for a week or... Read More »