How to Survive Long-Term Food Storage?

Answer Many families choose to prepare for economic or natural disasters by creating a long-term food storage. This ensures that, regardless of their financial and physical situation, the family has plent... Read More »

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DIY Long-Term Food Storage?

When it comes to long-term food storage, it's important to learn which types of containers to use and which foods are best suited to storage. The technique and extra steps you take while preparing ... Read More »

Long-Term Food Storage Techniques?

More and more people are realizing the benefits of long term food storage. There are several techniques for preserving food for the long term. Some can be done at home while others are best done in... Read More »

How to Prepare Food for Long-Term Storage?

Prepare foods for long-term storage by creating an environment that makes it difficult for bacteria to survive. Preservation techniques like salting, cooking, smoking and pickling have been used fo... Read More »

How do I package& store food for long-term storage?

Frozen PackagingMeats and other perishable items should be placed first in plastic wrap and thoroughly concealed to eliminate any exposure. These items should then be wrapped in tin-foil to avoid a... Read More »