How to Support Your Daughter's Weight Loss?

Answer Has your daughter made a recent decision to lose weight? Many people have, and while it is a hard lifestyle to commit to, it is definitely worth it. Here are some steps you can take to be a support... Read More »

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How to Support Someone Doing the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge?

If you have a friend or a loved one who is participating in a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, then that person will need your support in order to be successful. These tips will help you to enc... Read More »

Primary care doctors in Jacksonville, Florida that support weight loss surgery?

Here are a few that you might check out.…

What can I drink to loss weight I want to loss 20 pounds in less then a month?

20 lbs. in one month isn't very likely... plus it's not healthy.I believe that a juice cleanse or a raw food diet would be the best way to go and it's the quickest way to lose weight. The raw veget... Read More »

Does phentermine work well for weight loss Fat loss to be specific?

Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss product. After my wife delivered our child, she started working out, exercising, and she was also supplementing with phentermine. She lost alot of fat in a fa... Read More »