How to Supercharge a Carbureted Engine?

Answer Anybody with a modicum of mechanical aptitude can bolt an old-school "roots" type supercharger onto an engine, slap a carburetor on top and call it a day. Roots blowers look cool sticking through t... Read More »

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How to Supercharge an Engine?

Supercharging your engine is a method of using forced air induction to generate more engine power. An engine's power levels are dependent on its air to fuel ratio. Installing a supercharger increas... Read More »

Can you supercharge a B16 Honda engine?

You can supercharge a Honda B16 engine with a supercharger kit. Supercharging the engine will result in increased power output and quicker acceleration under full throttle. Online tutorials with st... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Chevy Carbureted Engine?

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How to Add a Turbo Charger to a Carbureted Engine?

Carburetors and turbochargers can get along under the right circumstances; it's all a matter of tuning and maintaining the engine's air-fuel ratio. Fitting a turbocharger to a carbureted engine is ... Read More »