How to Sunbathe on Beaches?

Answer Sunbathing at the beach is an effective way to catch some rays and get a full body glow, while also enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. If you live near the ocean, head over to the closest... Read More »

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How to Sunbathe?

Daily exposure to the sun can be good for you. It's a source of vitamin D and can improve your sense of well-being by stimulating the release of endorphins. Prolonged sun exposure, however, can dam... Read More »

How to Sunbathe Without a Top?

do you wanna tan but not get awkward tan lines? Tan without a top, or even naked! Just make sure to protect yourself!

How to Find a Place to Sunbathe?

If you don't live on a secluded private beach, it is a little more difficult to find somewhere to sunbath and get a good, all over tan. Of course, you want to find a spot where the sun is bright an... Read More »

Do girls sunbathe topless at the beach in NZ?

Wrong section to ask this - try the New Zealand section.Anyway it would be too cold in NZ - you find all the NZers on the Gold Coast soaking up the sun.