How to Sue a Tenant for Nonpayment of Rent in Florida?

Answer Each month, you count on your tenant to pay rent; and when he doesn't do so, your budget can get thrown off. In Florida, there are legal remedies available if one of your tenants doesn't pay rent. ... Read More »

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How do i take a tenant to small claims court if they have skipped rent?

Contact your local courthouse to determine if your area's small claims court handles landlord-tenant disputes. In some states, a different court handles such cases. Gather any documentation you hav... Read More »

New York Laws on Holdover Tenant Rent Times?

Holdover tenants are tenants who stay beyond their lease terms without their landlords' consent. State laws govern the legal steps that landlords must take to evict their holdover tenants. In New Y... Read More »

How to Use a Security Deposit as Rent, If a Tenant Breaches a Contract?

You can use a tenant's security deposit towards rent if the rental agreement is breached, as long as a provision in the agreement is agreed upon that permits the use of the security deposit in this... Read More »

How many days does a tenant have to pay rent before an eviction notice in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, most written leases contain specific provisions on non-payment of rent and eviction. If there is no written lease, a landlord must request payment of rent at least ten days befor... Read More »