How to Subtract Negative & Positive Fractions?

Answer Fractions are an expression of the parts of a whole, and are often used to represent division in algebra. Fractions are made up of two parts, the denominator and the numerator. The denominator is ... Read More »

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How to Subtract Fractions?

Being able to subtract fractions is an extremely important skill in math class and in life, but it is not as simple as it might appear. It requires a few steps to do it properly and get the right a... Read More »

Can a child have o positive blood if the mother is A positive and the father is A negative?

Yes. Regarding blood type, each person has two blood group genes--one from each parent. The blood types sort like this:For blood type O: O/OFor blood type A: either A/A or A/OFor blood type B: eith... Read More »

How to Add and Subtract Like Fractions?

Your earliest introduction to fractions was probably in the form of a pie chart. The numerator, or top number in the fraction, tells you how many pieces you have, and the denominator tells you how ... Read More »

How to Add & Subtract Fractions for Kids?

Fraction work involving operations poses problems for even the most intelligent students. In order to learn how to do operations with fractions, you must understand that the numerator, or top numbe... Read More »