How to: Subtitles on a PS3?

Answer Whether you're hearing-impaired or simply like having subtitles on while watching a movie, the Sony PlayStation 3 has you covered. In addition to English text, you can also view foreign subtitles i... Read More »

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I have avi files with their subtitles,but the subtitles come 1minute sooner.what should I do?

If the subtitles are already embedded in the file, there is nothing you can do.If however you have the subtitles and the video in separate files you can download a free program (look on Read More »

How can I get subtitles on my TV?

If your remote has a cc button push it. Mine doesn't and i had to mess around with my cables audio settings to find it.

How do i put subtitles in a movie?

Okay, you need VLC, it's a free,light open-source media player. Go here and download it first head over to for your video, i beli... Read More »

How do u put SUBTITLES on a Comcast tv?

I can't believe the previous answer came from a Comcast. Goes to show what they know. Anyways, I'm assuming you have the silver Motorola Comcast box and the silver remote, correct? Turn on the comc... Read More »