How to Substitute a Character in a String on PHP?

Answer The PHP programming language is used to embed interactive elements in an HTML website. HTML itself has no interactive components, so a language like PHP is needed to make a website interactive. The... Read More »

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How do you output the character text to the right or left of a specific character string in Excel?

I understand that in your example you are using "Floor" as the determining value for what you want to use to break apart a string of data. And using the MID function would work under this particul... Read More »

How to Substitute a String With an SED File?

SED, the Linux and UNIX stream editor, can be used to substitute one string in a file or at the command line. You can create a SED script that contains the substitution commands in a plain text fi... Read More »

How to Substitute String for Homelite Weed Eaters?

Homelite manufactures weed eaters to trim weeds and other unnecessary growth from around trees, houses and sidewalks. Replacement string for is available in bulk to restring yourself, or in preload... Read More »

How to Count Occurrences of a Character in a String in PHP?

Counting the number of occurrences of a character in a string can be important when parsing strings in PHP, such as determining how many backslashes there are in a URL. A PHP string is a series of ... Read More »