How to Substitute Half & Half & Butter for Heavy Cream?

Answer Many food items have easy and obvious substitutions. If a recipe calls for brown sugar, for example, you can substitute white sugar mixed with molasses. Similarly, you could substitute lemon or gra... Read More »

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Can you substitute half& half for heavy whipping cream in ice cream?

Half and half is a mixture of milk and heavy cream with a milkfat content of 10.5 to 18 percent, compared to a milkfat content of at least 36 percent for heavy cream. You can substitute half and ha... Read More »

What could i use to replace half and half or heavy cream?

Half and Half is just half milk fat and half milk... Heavy cream is just the skimmed off milk fat... You might ba able to use whole milk, or try heating the whole milk and condensing it... OR just ... Read More »

Can you substitute half and half powder for dry milk?

Half and half powder is an acceptable substitute for dry milk. Use the equivalent amount of half and half that the recipe calls for dry milk. For example, 1 cup of half and half powder can be used ... Read More »

Do you complain to restaurants if they only have artificial cream instead of half and half for their coffee?

Don't drink coffee but I have the same problem if I order milk. They only have whole or 2% and when you drink skim anything else is to rich for you to really enjoy it, but if I really want it I ord... Read More »