How to Substitute Coordinates Into Simultaneous Equations?

Answer Substituting coordinates into simultaneous equations, or equations that exist simultaneously and contain at least two variables, is a critical part of solving simultaneous equations. While simultan... Read More »

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How to Graph Equations, Linear Equations, Coordinates and Functions?

Some high school math courses require students to be proficient in using a graphic calculator. Many classes ask that students purchase a Texas Instruments calculator such as a TI-83, TI-84 Plus or ... Read More »

How to Create Simultaneous Equations for N?

In algebra, you will often see equations where an unknown number is identified by a letter, such as X, Y or N. If the equation has only one variable, you can figure out what that missing number is ... Read More »

Who founded simultaneous equations?

The earliest known instance of simultaneous equations dates back to the Babylonian Dynasty under the rule of King Hammurabi around 1750 B.C. Cuneiform texts found from this era address quadratic eq... Read More »

How to Create Simultaneous Equations?

Simultaneous equations consist of two or more variables, which must exist at the same time. Simultaneous equations make numerous appearances in algebra classes and upper-level math classes thereaft... Read More »