How to Substitute Chili Paste for Chili Oil?

Answer Chili oil typically is oil that has been infused with hot chili peppers, but you can make your own by combining chili paste with oil. The longer you choose to let your chili paste steep in oil, the... Read More »

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What is chili paste?

Chili paste is a sauce-like food ingredient derived from dried peppers. This popular spicy concoction serves "as a table condiment or as an addition to numerous ethnic dishes as well as soups and s... Read More »

Do you like chili I freaking love chili (recipe suggestions are very much appreciated! haha)?

I like vegetarian chili best but if hungry enuf won't turn down the meaty stuff. Speaking of kale, my friend put some on a cookie pan, salt and peppered it after drizzling olive oil on it, then b... Read More »

Chili Bean Paste Substitutes?

When cooking spicy Asian dishes, especially Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, many recipes will call for chili bean paste to achieve the right blend of spice and garlic that give this food its unique re... Read More »

Chili powder vs chili seasoning?