How to Submit a Witness Statement?

Answer A witness statement is a statement of personally observed facts that are relevant to a civil or criminal trial or an arbitration proceeding. It is typically used as a substitute for direct and cros... Read More »

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Do I have to give a witness statement?

On One Hand: They Can Force YouThe law is pretty clear that once a person is named as a witness to a crime, event or case, that witness is obligated to give a witness statement. If not at the crime... Read More »

How to Write a Witness Statement?

In the event that a crime serious enough to require witness testimony is committed, knowing how to properly take down a witness statement can be the difference between an unresolved (or worse yet, ... Read More »

My husband signed notarized statement saying his ex could move with their daughter to Canada for temp-employment but the notary only viewed his expired ID is this enought ot invalidate the statement?

In order to be able to work legally in Canada, she ( the adult ) has to APPLY for and be accepted by the Canadian Immigration department, and a minor child has to have proper written permission to ... Read More »

How to Be a Witness in Court?

As a witness in court, you are a very important part of the legal process. What you say and how you say it can keep an innocent person from going to jail or ensure that a guilty person is not set f... Read More »