How to Submit a Short Story to the New Yorker?

Answer Everyone has a story to tell. If you're a writer, you might have more than one. Thirty years ago, if you wanted to submit your story to a periodical like The New Yorker, you had to type your story ... Read More »

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How to Submit Poetry or a Short Story to the New Yorker?

A simple howto guide to submitting poetry or a short story to the New Yorker.

How to Submit Poems to the New Yorker?

The New Yorker is a long-established, weekly magazine for educated and informed readers. The publication accepts only two submissions per writer per year. However, up to six poems may be included p... Read More »

Is there a common theme in the short story The Necklace and the short story The Most Dangerous Game?

No, one deals with a social-climbing stunt- a wealthy woman loans a valuable prop ( or what is assumed to be) to a middle-class woman to wear to a party- the item is mysteriously lost.. then the le... Read More »

How to Submit a Story to Reddit?

Reddit is a website from Condé Nast Digital which allows you to share news stories with other Internet users. Those users then vote on your submission. Positive votes increase the visibility of yo... Read More »