How to Submit a Change to the Law in California?

Answer Changes to California laws can be passed by voters via statewide ballot initiatives. To get a proposed law change on the ballot, proponents must circulate a petition of the proposed change and gath... Read More »

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How to Submit a California Real Estate License Application?

Once you complete your California real estate license training course, the next step is to take the state real estate license exam.

Can you change lanes in an intersection in California?

If there are marked lanes for the turn, then the driver is supposed to stay in his/her lane. If there are no lane markers (lines) then the driver is free to pick a lane that is safe to use. The dri... Read More »

How to Change Your Name in California?

If you want to change your name in California, you can do so without a court order. Simply start using the new name you've chosen. Some businesses and agencies, though, such as banks and government... Read More »

How do I change a California birth certificate?

Amendment to a Birth CertificateChanges such as correction of spelling errors, adding information to previously left blank items, or correcting the spelling of parental names or their statistical i... Read More »