How to Submit My Site to Baidu?

Answer Baidu is a popular search engine in China; it is as popular in china as Google is popular here in the states. In fact many refer to it as the Google of China. Navigating Baidu can be challenging fo... Read More »

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How to Submit a Site to Google for Free?

Google is the world's most widely used search engine. As of May 2010, roughly 90 percent of all Web searches were performed using Google. The search engine builds its database by periodically crawl... Read More »

How to Register on Baidu?

Baidu is a major Chinese search engine that has been called the "Google" of China. The company's growth has encouraged more and more people to use its services. However, for non-Chinese reading ind... Read More »

How to Remove Baidu Hijack on Internet Explorer?

Baidu Hijack, also known as Adware.Baidu, is a browser hijacker. This means that Baidu Hijack takes control of your Internet web browser and generally floods your computer with pop-up advertisement... Read More »

My site is not being indexed inspite i have allowed robots.txt file to index my site please help me asap?'s not exactly easy to get front page search results for your website. if it's being indexed and says so in webmaster's being indexed. you can't just expect your site to be #... Read More »