How to Study to Be in a Sorority?

Answer Sorority membership is a highly coveted aspect of college life for many young girls graduating high school. Since most sororities maintain high levels of secrecy, rushing can be a scary and unknown... Read More »

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How long will it take for the PRJ study to correct the perception of Wikipedia from the biased Nature study?

A long, long time in my opinion. It is more likely that the knee-jerk reaction at Wikipedia will be to simply delete all questionable articles, rather than correct them, sigh...Take for example the... Read More »

How to Study Smart With a Great Study Space and Without Distractions?

A great study space is helpful for effective studying, like for SAT's. Distractions aren't, like screaming siblings, blaring music, or too much texting. Here's how to minimize distractions and maxi... Read More »

How to Learn Study Habits Again and How to Study & Remember What I Read?

Once you are away from formal education for a while, study habits fade. But, like swimming or riding a bicycle, they can be relearned quickly. Adult learners are more self-motivated and serious abo... Read More »

How to Create a New Sorority?

There are two types of social sororities on college campuses: local sororities and national sororities.Twenty six national sororities belong to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPHC). There are... Read More »